Friday, July 19, 2013

Kody Ingham: Another Black male youth found dead (hanging)

This is Kody Ingham, who was 18 years old.  He was found hanging from a tree in Athens, TX on Monday morning July 15, 2013.  

I spoke to Ray Nutt, Sheriff of Henderson County, where Athens is located.    In our conversation, he confirmed the tip, that Kody Ingham was found hanging from a tree, Monday morning.  Apparently, this incident took place on Sunday the day of the Zimmerman verdict.  

According to the Sheriff, Kody committed suicide.  In telling the story, he said that Kody killed himself after he left his girlfriend’s house.  I asked him if the girlfriend was white.  He said he did not readily know the answer and went to look it up.  He came back on the phone and said she was white.  He said Kody and his girlfriend went to a Rodeo where they ran into her old boyfriend.  He said Kody became very upset and an argument ensued that continued when Kody went home with the nameless girlfriend (I am pursuing her name). 

Kody finally told her he was leaving and she never heard from him again.  The next morning she found him hanging from a tree located down her driveway. According to a family source connected to the father, Kody called his mother at 2am in the morning and asked her to pick him up.  She called him back; he did not answer her call. 

Since this story was not reported in the newspaper, I asked a local editor of the Athens Review, why was Kody’s death was only reported as an obituary and not as a story.  He said they don’t report suicides. 

Of course this is very troubling since this incident happened on the heels of the George Zimmerman verdict.  Moreover, the contention that Kody killed himself is an all too familiar refrain in the suspicious death of young Black men.  We ran into this when we investigated the deaths of Billye Jo Johnson from Lucedale, Mississippi and Chavis Carter in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  

Both were dating white women and their deaths were suspicious.  I suspected, before I asked the Sheriff, that the girlfriend is white.  When it became very clear the girlfriend was white, the sheriff said he thought it was a suicide, but there needed to be more exploration of certain issues.  If the relative’s observation is true, then the girlfriend was dating Kody and the white boyfriend at the same time, which appears to be the same case with Billye Jo Johnson and Chavis Charter. 

I am in the process of trying to contact Kody’s mother and father, but am free to tell you that you may send condolences to the family at Hannigan Smith Funeral Home at


NYPD Kills Unarmed Black Kid After Cops illegally Break into His Home!!(CHARGES DISMISSED)

NEW YORK — A week after police shot to death an unarmed 18-year-old in his grandmother's Bronx apartment, questions continue to swirl around the aggressive police tactics that led to the fatal confrontation.

Ramarley Graham died last Thursday after Richard Haste, 30, a New York police officer, entered his grandmother's apartment and shot Graham in the chest while he attempted to flush a bag of marijuana down the toilet. Graham was unarmed and police did not have a warrant to enter the home.

Graham's death has sparked street protests in Wakefield, a low-income neighborhood with a large African-American and Caribbean immigrant population. "They had no business kicking down the door. They went too far," said Tyrone Harris, 27. "They need to go to jail just like any other citizen."

Jeffrey Emdin, an attorney representing Graham's mother, called the police tactics unlawful. "They illegally entered the home," Emdin said. "They had no right to be inside. They had no right to use force."

Protesters linked the shooting to the NYPD's aggressive street policing program, called "stop-and-frisk," which predominantly targets low-income minority neighborhoods. In 2011, the program stopped and searched more than 500,000 New Yorkers, 85 percent of them black or Latino. The searches contributed to a record number of misdemeanor marijuana arrests last year.

Don't Kill Me 23-Year-Old Unarmed Woman Shot Dead By Brooklyn Cop Trying To Flee NYPD In Car!

"A Brooklyn detective shot and killed an unarmed woman in a stolen car after she blew through three red lights, hit a minivan and tried to escape by driving in reverse, police said. The incident unfolded about 5:40 p.m. in East Flatbush when two plainclothes narcotics cops spotted Shantel Davis, 23, at the wheel of a gray Toyota Camry she allegedly carjacked at gunpoint on June 5. 

Davis — who had eight arrests on her rap sheet, sources said — ran a series of red lights along Church Ave. and crossed a double yellow line to pass cars at E. 38th St., where she smacked into the minivan, NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said. As the two cops approached the Camry, they saw Davis slide over to the passenger side, where the seat had been stripped out, and try to open the door. One officer, who has been on the force six years, got hit by the door and was thrown backward, Browne said. 

Davis then got back in the driver's seat, put the car in reverse and hit the gas, police said. Simultaneously, another cop, identifed by sources as Detective Phillip Atkins, 44, was entering the driver's side of the Camry, with his gun in hand. "He's attempting with the other hand to shift the gear into park," Browne said. "When she's hitting the gas, a single round was discharged from his firearm, striking the woman in the chest." Browne said it was too soon to say whether the detective, who has 12 years on the force, meant to pull the trigger or if it was an accident. Witnesses described a scene of chaos before the shooting. 

Dave McKenzie said he heard the cops yelling: "Get out! Get out!" "They try to pull her out of the car, and she fights them," McKenzie said, recalling the woman screaming, "Let me go! Let me go!" " 'I don't want to be killed! Don't kill me!' " the woman yelled, McKenzie added. Lorraine Preddie, 61, said that after she heard the crash, she saw the detective in a blue NYPD T- shirt with a shield around his neck. "The next thing I saw was the police officer took his gun out and fired a shot," she said. Witnesses said it was instantly clear the woman was gravely wounded."She was bleeding, and then she just dropped. She fell on the floor facedown. She was shaking and the blood was just going out of her," said one woman who works at a nearby laundermat. "She was in the street," Preddie said. "They started giving her chest compressions and took her in the ambulance." 

Davis died at Kings County Hospital. Councilman Jumaane Williams broke the news to her family. Police said the owner of the Camry confirmed that Davis swiped the vehicle. Davis, who was identified by family members, was due in court Friday on a kidnapping and attempted murder case stemming from a May 2011 attack. "This is like a bad dream," said cousin Stephanie Gilmer, 40, who called Davis a "sweetie pie." "She was only 23. She had her whole life in front of her." 

Despite Davis' criminal record, Assemblyman Nick Perry said he was concerned about the circumstances of her death "because the investigation I have seems to suggest this woman was not a threat." Mike Palladino, head of NYPD detectives union, backed Atkins, who had never fired his gun in the line of duty. "Based on the facts and the circumstances, I'm confident that our detective's actions were appropriate and justified," Palladino said.